Protecting Our Rights.

We all have Rights!!!

Yes from a legal point of view these are given to us in the UK under the laws passed via the House of Parliament.
When a Council Bye-Law is passed for the Council to protect a local area, such as parking restrictions for residents.
We have few fundamental rights, some say we have to take our rights as these are ours, and permission is not required.
So if rights are not permissions given to us the people, what are rights?
As we are all Human Beings WE are born with Human Rights automatically. When we attend school,
our minds are reconditioned to believe it’s laws that give us rights and not we are born with rights.
When we become of legal age our minds know nothing else as we have forgotten what rights are.
We have the right to
Lawful means to not harm another Human Being.

Who Polices Our Rights?

In short the Courts, Police, Local and National Governments, Banks, and owners of corporations.
How are rights policed, by restrictions enforceable and chargeable by fines or prison sentences, to keep us controllable?
Covid 19 proved how easy it is for us to be controlled. Governments around the world impose,
unlawful restrictions upon the citizens of their countries under house arrest.
In the UK we were only allowed out under certain conditions such as shopping, walking dogs, and exercising for an hour a day.
Public places were closed from parks to buildings.
There have been wars hosted by the same Governments in the name of freedom that restricted Human Rights.
Yet the same Governments put into action a practice run in the name of safety restrictions of control.
How did this work? They used the mainstream media to program us to believe
Covid 19 was to be feared as this would cause death to some people who were vulnerable.
This turned out to be true as the medically vulnerable people lost their lives
due to Governments not providing support or protection other than to offer so-called vaccines.
Strange to think after World War Two there have been many trials held due to the
human violations people did to others and now are jailed for years.

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