Worthing homeless man on his life on the streets

Alex Lockhart has been homeless for six years (Image: The Argus)

Alex Lockhart has been homeless for six years


A man who lived in a graveyard for a year has told of the toll being homeless has taken on him.

Alex Lockhart, from Worthing, says he has been attacked while sleeping in shop doorways, lived in a graveyard for months and been robbed twice in the past year.

Mr Lockhart, who was a carer for his disabled children, became homeless after the breakdown of his 13-year marriage six years ago.

The 42-year-old suffers with mental health problems which have been exacerbated by life on the streets.

“I was experiencing severe anxiety, which I still have now, depression, it was a constant strain on me,” he said.

“And since coming on to the streets it’s got even worse. It’s hard.

“The people of Worthing are very kind and generous and help me out as much as they can but it’s very difficult because I don’t have any money.

“It’s really tiring and it takes its toll on you.

“I’m always cold, always hungry.

“I just want my own little place, even it’s just a bedsit.

“It would be nice to have my own place where I can shut the front door, and hopefully in this area because I like the town and the people here.”

The father of four has had stints in temporary accommodation but ended up back on the streets.

He wants to remain in Worthing to maintain contact with his children but says Worthing Borough Council has only provided him with temporary accommodation options out of the area.

“I’ve been to the council several times and they keep saying the same thing, that I have to go out of area,” he said.

“I don’t want to be out of the area. It’s unrealistic because I want to see my children.

“The only options they give me are Crawley or Horsham and then it’s only temporary, it’s being stuck in a horrible B&B.

“I can’t deal with it.

“They’re just no help whatsoever, they seem to think they can sweep things under the carpet.

“To say you need a local connection to get housing is ridiculous to then move you out of area.”

He has now launched a fundraiser to help him find somewhere to live. Click here for gofundme Link.

A Worthing Borough Council spokesman said: “We are working incredibly hard to find warm and safe accommodation for all of our residents, so people don’t feel they have to sleep rough.

“Unfortunately, there is only a limited amount of suitable accommodation in the borough but we are committed to improving this.

“We are in the process of building a number of emergency and temporary housing sites across the town, as well as working with partners on future developments.

“We would urge anyone who is rough sleeping to access support from our outreach team and  Turning Tides services for rough sleepers, and anyone homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, to complete a housing advice form to tell us about their situation.”

By Savannah Nicholson

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